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We know that fashion can have a very negative impact on our planet and we don’t want our collection to be a FAST FASHION concept.  Instead, we want our customers to understand the care that we have taken to choose the factories, the sustainable yarns, the fabrics and the low impact packaging. We want to give you, our customers, the best quality garment that we can create. A garment that is kinder to the environment, a garment that can stay in your wardrobe for life, that you can wear time and time again.  That will take you through your motherhood journey and beyond.

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Eco Responsible Production

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Up to 50% lower Emissions

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Tilbea cares about you & your babies future, which is why we are making responsible fashion choices that are right for you and the planet.

We’re proud that 75% of our latest collection is made using responsibly sourced fabric and fibres, and we are looking to increase this all the time.  We also only use factories that comply with all environmental requirements and standards essential for responsible production.

What do we mean by that we hear you cry?  Well, it probably hasn’t escaped your attention, but we have a lot of bright colours and prints in our collection; printing can have a huge impact on the environment if the process is not managed or handled correctly.  Our factories all have internal waste management systems and reservoirs to ensure that all the water is cleaned and processed on-site.

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We are a small, family run brand, so it has always been of paramount importance to us that we work with people we trust and have a completely transparent relationship with. From our agents in Portugal (our surrogate manufacturing mum), to the factories, who yarn, dye, print and sew our goods, all of them value and uphold our ethics as a brand. The factories comply to all environmental standards and regulations and not only employ their workers but empower them too.

We’re proud to say that our factories look after their employees as if they were one big family, they not only comply with all hygiene and safety at work standards to ensure the well-being of its personnel but they go above and beyond. Recently, in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic they have implemented several preventive security measures to ensure the well being of their staff.

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As a brand we must be accountable for the impact manufacturing our product has on the planet and the people who make it. Accountability starts from the foundations – from the very fibre of your fabric and this is why we are committed to investing in responsibly sourced fabrics and fibres. You’ll find that most of your garments are made using fabrics that are derived from natural fibres that biodegrade much faster without releasing harmful chemicals into the environment





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