About Tilbea London

A few years ago we both embarked on a project that would change our lives forever… that project was motherhood!  In May 2016 Matilda, Claire’s daughter, made her entrance into the world and only 7 months later Beatrice, Nicky’s daughter, followed suit.  Motherhood has been a rollercoaster of emotions, with incredible highs, panic induced lows, daily smiles and nappies galore.  An incredible journey, and we wouldn’t change a thing…well, that’s not entirely true!  We wish we had set up the business earlier, as we really struggled to find nursing clothes that reflected us.

We decided to channel Claire’s expertise as a Fashion Stylist to test the waters before launching ahead with our plans.  Claire’s You Tube Style Videos for new mums & mums-to-be were a massive success and that’s when we realised we weren’t alone, we weren’t the only ones who wanted more than the High Street had to offer.

Not content with being sisters and neighbours we decided to take the plunge and become business partners too.  We may be gluttons for punishment, but becoming mothers and talking to mothers inspired us to just go for it.  So Nicky, a criminal Barrister for 10 years, hung up her wig and gown and stepped away from her successful legal career, and joined Claire in the world of fashion.

We wanted to design a fashion led Maternity and Nursing brand that allowed mums to keep their finger on the fashion pulse, with all the functionality and no fuss.  So we set about creating the perfect nursing dress that had personality, colour and easy access. Fast forward and in October 2018 we were ready to launch Tilbea, with not just one perfect dress, but a whole collection.

We felt like proud Mums seeing our collection come to life, so it seemed fitting that the name of our brand took inspiration from our muses, our first babies.  The girls nicknames Tilly & Bea, we couldn’t have planned it better if we had tried,  worked perfectly… and Tilbea was born.

We hope you love our collection as much as we do.   All of our dresses are created with you in mind. We have you covered whatever the occasion; wardrobe staples like vests & T’s, cosy jumpers, everyday dresses, tops for day, tops for night, and to top it all off we threw in a little bit of sparkle for Christmas.  Maternity and nursing dresses with an edge, we are all about embracing print and colour to ensure that you don’t loose your fashion identity in your new role as MUM!



In 2008 Claire started working as a Fashion Stylist. Since then, she has made it her mission to share her knowledge as a stylist with everyone, from the comfort of their home, by giving regular advice, hints and tips as well as shopping guides for the season from her You Tube channel and blog.
She has worked with many different clients, including Katie Piper, Channel 4, Sole Bliss, and the list goes on. Not content with national icons, she has also acted as Head Stylist for several National High Street brands in store shopper events. Think Gene Genie & the UK wide Perfect Party Dress events.


Nicky has worked as a Criminal Barrister for over 10 years and has dabbled in photography for longer. Her travels around the world have enabled her to capture magical landscapes and sunsets that take your breath away. If she had her way she would be a full time traveller, exploring all the corners of the world and capturing them on her camera, but her mortgage, husband and sister keep making her stay a bit closer to home!