Gender Reveal


What are your thoughts on gender reveals?

I am a traditionalist and waited till both of my babies births before finding out the gender, it kept the name choosing conversations going longer (one of my favourite chats when pregnant!!)

But Gender reveals are becoming more and more popular so we thought we would take a little look at some of the current trends and share some fun and creative options.  All of them are Insta or Tiktok worthy too.


If you are gathering a group of friends or family to do a gender reveal then you want to make sure the moment is a spectacle and memorable.  We recommend going more neutral for your décor rather than going heavy on the pink or blue, so that when the gender reveal actually happens it pops and the colour stands out!


The Balloon Pop is a classic and works without fail, we recommend having one really large well filled balloon for you and your partner to pop together.   Or if you want more of a statement, why not give everyone a balloon to pop and all pop together?

Gender Reveal Balloon Pop


Confetti Guns are also a great way of having a high drama reveal and a confetti gun allows the colour to travel further so are perfect for capturing on camera or film.

Gender Reveal Cannon


Paint/Paint Powder, another popular option is that the expectant couple both wear white and then have paint (this can be in a balloon or as holi powder), thrown on them.  If you have clothes that you are happy to ruin then it could be fun!  But super messy 🤣

Paint Gender Reveal


FOOD is a popular way to share with your guests the sex of baby.  Whether it is a cake cutting moment or hidden colour in all the sweet treats, either way it is a nice simple and tasty way of share the news.

Gender Reveal Cake


Ones for the kids to get involved in.

Of course all the above work really well to get the kids involved but we think some more interaction from the older siblings who are excited too, is great to make sure that they are fully part of the reveal.

All kids love a Pinata and one that has only pink or blue candy and confetti is a fun way to get the older siblings to find out if they have a  little brother or sister arriving.

Treasure hunts are a great way to get the kids involved, they have to find baby items around the house and each clue lead to the next and at the end is a big treasure box with coloured balloons in it.  Its also a nice touch to have a little gift in their for the child, maybe a big brother or sister outfit or a new toy.

Photo shoot opportunities are great to capture telling the kids.  We saw a lovely video of some kids dipping their hands in paint and creating hand prints on mummys tummy in the gender colour.  It could be a lovely way for mummy to find out the gender too.

Gender Reveal Pinata
Gender Reveal Handprint


You could always use your outfit to reveal your baby’s gender. A great way to surprise your partner!

Tilbea Blue Leopard Maternity Dress
Tilbea Maternity Nursing Pink Dress
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