Hospital Ready

Experts recommend that expectant Mums have their hospital bag packed and ready at about 36 weeks.

We all hope for an easy, pain free, speedy labour that results in a short stint at the hospital and that is how you should be thinking when packing your bag. We recommend taking a small carry on size suitcase with yours and most of the babies items in, then your baby changing bag to carry items that you and your partner need immediate access too.

What to pack FOR YOU in the suitcase:

  • 1 spare maternity nursing bra (assuming you are wearing one when you head in)
  • 3 or 4 pairs of knickers – we recommend a mix of Tena ladies disposable pants or heavy duty period pants (remember that you will bleed after a natural birth, it will be like a very heavy period). If you are heading in for a C section then switch the period pants for a super soft high-waisted knicker – the Tena pants are good for post surgery.
  • 2 pairs of socks in case you get cold feet in the hospital (dependent on the time of year you are giving birth)
  • Birthing pool outfit (a nice crop top or bikini top)
  • A going home outfit (comfort is key…we recommend a tracksuit for winter births and a loose fit dress for summer. If you are looking for some inspiration then check out our hospital bag edit.
  • 2 flannels, handy for washing with or having damp on your forehead during birth.
  • Toiletries bag – including toothbrush & toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo & conditioner, small make up remover, face wash, moisturiser and an alcohol-gel/hand sanitiser.
  • Flip flops great for slipping on and off, and for hygiene in the communal areas. Slippers are also great if you prefer a cosy option.
  • 2 x sleepwear options. We think that our Natalie Nightdress is perfect for birthing in, or lying in post birth, feeding or having quality skin to skin time. Our Iris PJ’s are also a great option and give you a bit more coverage for trips up and down the hospital corridors!
  • 1 x lightweight dressing gown for the same reason as above… Our Eve is a great fun option and great for looking super stylish when capturing that 1st selfie of you and baby!
  • A pack of thick maternity pads (common sanitary pads are too thin and made of material that may irritate your post birth). These are to pop inside your knickers/ tenner pants to help catch the post birth bleed.
  • 2 x sets of Breast Pads – we recommend Lansinoh disposable breast pads or, for a more eco alternative, Eco by Naty nursing pads


  • 3 or 4 Nappies
  • 2 bodysuits
  • 2 sleepsuits – one with a little leopard print, like I don’t know…this one ;) Click here
  • 1 x hat and mitten set incase your baby struggles to maintain heat
  • A blanket for baby
  • 2 muslins – we love Etta Loves

What to pack in your baby changing bag!

We stock some of Finnson’s fab baby-changing bags on the site and our personal favs are the Selby Tote or the Inge Backpack. These are great options and both come with a baby changing mat, which is super handy for changing baby on the hospital bed.


  • A re-fillable water bottle
  • Dried snacks; oatie snack bars or biscuits, dried fruit, nuts and crisps.
  • A carton of fruit juice is also good to stash.
  • LIP BALM – Trust us, this is so needed!
  • Maternity Notes – don’t do what I did and leave them at home. Nicky had to do a mad dash to get them for us!
  • Birth Plan, if you have one
  • Tenns Machine if you’re using one. (These can be rented from Birth-Ease if you haven’t looked into this yet)
  • Charger or gadgets
  • On the day you go grab fresh fruit like blueberries or grapes if you have them at home as these are re-freshing and easy to eat


  • 3 Nappies
  • Water wipes or eco wipes
  • 1 bodysuits
  • 1 sleepsuit– one with a little leopard print, like I don’t know…this one ;) Click here
  • 1 hat and mitten set incase your baby struggles to maintain heat
  • 2 muslins – we love Etta Loves
  • Baby bottom cream – we recommend Metanium or Bepanthen

Download our printable checklist here

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