So just what do you really need during those first few weeks? Team Tilbea have put together our ultimate must haves for new mums. Keep these essentials in your changing bag whilst on the move and within arms reach when at home. You never know when you’ll get Nap Trapped.

The Bottom Line

Most babies will experience some form of nappy rash and it can be hell. Prevention is the best cure, so use the purest wipes you can to clean little behinds. We love Water Wipes, made with just 2 active ingredients, they are kind even to the most sensitive skin. If your baby’s bottom is still redder than a baboon’s, reach for a tube of Metanium (the yellow one) a thin layer of this magic cream will clear up the most stubborn nappy rash.

And let’s not forget about your poor behind. She gets a bit of a battering during pregnancy & birth, so be kind to her with big cotton undies (our faves are from M&S) and trust us, Lactulose will become your best friend in those very early days.

Your New Breast Friends

To help your breasts adjust to their new role as a dairy farm, you’re going to need some really absorbent breast pads, we swear by reusable Bamboo pads like Mama Designs. Make sure you keep a few spares on you. It’s also wise to keep a tube of Lansinoh Nipple Cream handy to sooth painful cracked or dry nipples.


Babies are snuffly little creatures and whilst their immature immune systems are developing they pick up all sorts of bugs. Rub a little Snuffle Babe Vapour Rub on their chest to help alleviate congestion. To combat really stubborn blocked noses, you are going to need a ‘snot sucker’ otherwise known as a Nasal Aspirator. This handy little device allows you to suck the snot from your little one’s nostrils without actually getting getting any in your mouth too – a game changer.

Pod-ding along

Chances are you’ll be spending many hours feeding or pounding the pavements in hope of getting babes to sleep. So why not pop your Airpods in and listen to a positive parenting podcast like Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum, Happy Baby.

The Does It All Bag

You’re going to need somewhere to put all these handy items. Our fab range of Finnson bags are just the ticket. Choose from backpacks, totes or stroller organiser, these beauts will see you way beyond the baby years.

Mum Uniform

There’ll be lots of guests popping round to meet your new arrival, but feat not! Here at Tilbea you’ll find effortlessly stylish, flattering outfits to help you greet your visitors with confidence.

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