Meet one of Tilbea’s favourite Mumpreneurs Kelly Simpkin-Clarke. Kelly is the founder of WeKind, a brand that nourishes the hair, body and soul! What started as WeTwo, a Unique 3-Step haircare system for women, has developed and evolved into a successful “Woman Kind” brand. She has channeled her experience and passion to bring us the answer to our hair loss worries during pregnancy…oh and she has achieved all this whilst raising two small humans!

Which came first, the small people or WeKind?

The concept was born whilst I was pregnant with Nico, my first baby. During pregnancy I experienced changes with my hair, which was something I expected being a hairdresser, but I was surprised and disappointed to find there were no products on the market to help deal with how my hormones were affecting my hair.

I consulted my dermatologist, who advised me to be careful which products I used during pregnancy. When I tried to find safe products to use it became clear that there was a gap in the market. I decided to channel all my experience and energy into creating my own line of products

How long did it take before you had a product in your hand?

It took about 2 years in total as I had to undertake a lot of research, and draw on the experience of professionals around me. I worked with chemists, a fragrance house and my husband, who has years of experience working in hair care and with hair care products. We tested & retested the samples, tweaked and improved the formulas until we were happy the formulas were as they should be. The process was also delayed considerably due to COVID, as factories shut and development was halted.

What were important factors in the development of the products?

We were very mindful that in developing products we also had to consider the packaging and methods of development. It was very important to me that our products were not tested on animals and that where possible we tried to use sustainable or recyclable bottles. I am pleased to report that all of our products are 100% vegan, have not been tested on animals, and are in 100% recyclable bottles.

Once you had your formula what was the next step?

Once I had a formula I was happy with I took it to leading Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Miss Claire Mellon. I have known Claire for several years and trust her implicitly. She carried out all of the checks to ensure the products were safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Once the checks were completed our products were fully verified, so I am proud to be able to say that WeKind products are all officially Obstetrician approved.

What are the most common hair issues for women throughout motherhood?

Our hair goes through its own cycle, which has three phases; growing, resting & shredding. Hormones affect the growth pattern of the hair & how it looks and feels. The three formulas address the different issues your hair will face as your body changes. The fragrances are designed to help you enjoy the limited time you have to get ready.

During pregnancy our hair is in the resting phase, which is why it often feels healthier & fuller. Once baby is born the hormones go haywire and the dip in oestrogen accelerates hair from the resting stage to the shedding stage, which is why so many women notice that their hair starts falling in clumps. Then make way for the new hair growth, sprouting hair everywhere.

How can WeKind help with these issues?

The range I developed for hair follows the 3 stages of motherhood, the products are WeTwo by Wekind;


  • Designed to nourish your hair and senses throughout pregnancy
  • Keeps you hair in great condition and is
  • Safe for use during pregnancy


  • Rebuild is for use post babies arrival.
  • The ingredients strengthen the hair and cleanse the scalp
  • It aids circulation and promotes growth
  • Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp


  • Our Beyond range is for use once your hair is back to how it was pre pregnancy
  • Beyond becomes your every day shampoo

We noticed that you have several options in terms of haircare products focusing on the stages of motherhood. Why are they different?

Hormones affect the growth pattern of your hair and how the hair feels and looks – so the formulas address the issues your hair will face as your body changes – different formulas for different stages. The fragrances are designed to make you feel like you and enjoy the 3 or 5 minutes you have to get ready.

The prescriptive Range is obviously a step away from haircare, how did these products develop?

When I took the formulas for the haircare range to my obstetrician, Miss Claire Mellon, to check that everything was safe for use, & especially for pregnancy, Claire mentioned she was interested in developing some feminine products, so we worked together to create the Prescriptive Range. The range is 100% naturally derived, a fundamental aspect of the ethos of WeKind. I want to make sure I’m not using chemicals, but that the products work; so all ranges are as natural as possible, with a little injection of science, kinder to the environment and kinder to you and baby.

How do you manage the juggle of being a female founder and mother?

Honestly, its a roller coaster of tears and tantrums, mine and theirs! It’s about finding a balance. Some days are harder than others, but the beauty of running my own business is you can pick and chose your hours and fit it in around family life. You can choose what you do and when you you do it. I’m actually really enjoying being own boss…most of the time!

What’s next for WeTwo?

We are developing the Rejuvenate range to help women with thinning hair throughout peri-menopause and menopause. I’m really excited about the launch of this, so watch this space!

Check out WeKind to find out more about this fantastic hair care range created for us mums!

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