Why Mums Love Tilbea

I can’t believe that Tilbea is nearly ONE!

It seems like only yesterday that we had our launch party in Central London. The pop up shop, the lovely women we met, the fashion show, the party….the Prosecco!! 🍾Sadly, I can still remember the pounding of the hangover I had the next day…fortunately, the task of packaging up our first 17 orders to walk down to the post office was a welcome tonic! 🙌🏻

Fast forward a year and we are frazzled shells of human beings!! Constantly trying to juggle being Mums, wives and small business owners! The admin, the life-min, the job…all on little or, in Nicky’s case, no sleep! (The smallest hasn’t got the memo that he’s supposed to take naps & sleep at night!)

What keeps our momentum going is the response we have had from all of our lovely customers, and our Instagram family. We love hearing how much you all love the maternity dresses, & nursing tops; it never fails to bring a smile to our faces when we are tagged in pics of the clothes in action.

Not only have we been lucky enough to build a little community of women who are growing or breastfeeding babies; women who just happen to love Leopard print, but we have also had the privilege of meeting a handful of these gorgeous ladies in person.

Back in Summer we decided to do a Real Mums photo shoot & invited as many of our followers as we could fit into my house. We wanted to show off our clothes on the women who actually buy them & get their views on our brand and our collection.

You’ve seen some of the pics on our Instagram…still lots more to come, but here is the video that was put together for us! We were blown away by the comments and wanted to share this video with you.



Thank you to all our fabulous ladies for taking part and showing that although we are all different shapes and sizes we can all still ROCK a Tilbea dress!!!

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